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Mistress Naughtyjo's Musings

Welcome to My Lair.
Where fantasies and secrets are to be shared, but held within my fold...

I saw that glimpse within your eye
The moment I saw you
A need, a hunger, lost within,
A witness with no truth
Looking ’round with nonchalance
you could not meet my gaze
My strength worn well upon my sleeve,
your need upon your face.

For some are born to hold the keys,
The floggers, canes and whips
But you were born to wear the chains,
The words upon your lips...

“As you wish, Mistress.”

you had no clue I’d chosen you
To serve My wicked whims
The choice was Mine, not yours you see
To teach you how to sin

Along I came, within my hand
The questions in your dreams
A simple answer, here before you...
Life upon your knees

you needed nothing more than I,
To teach you how to plead
So dark and cold, My dungeon holds
All you shall ever need

Talented Torturess, Sadistically Sensual, Erotically Cruel

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